About Us Excelsus Interiors

“Passion is a pursuit. It is relentless, it is exciting, it is powerful… the ultimate in motivation. Passionate print is our promise to you." These are the words of Mark Laniak, the President of Décor Brilliance and of our parent company, Excelsus Solutions digital printing, based in Rochester, NY. 
Décor Brilliance offers high quality prints for any surface to enhance the interior design of your company, organization or personal living space. Our experienced team members have made it their passion to connect with our customers from the initial stages of generating ideas and creative design to final finished product.
With our technologies, we have made it possible to create your designs in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our LX3500 press allows us to image directly to any material with our water based ink print system. With sustainability in mind, we utilize Latex ink, which is very environmentally friendly. This makes us Green Guard® certified!
We at Décor Brilliance promise to make your vision come to life. If you dream it, we can print it!